Ryan Seacrest: The Busiest Man in Hollywood

When it comes to the people of Hollywood, it’s almost impossible to not reference Ryan Seacrest. Whether it’s radio, movies, tv shows or even ringing in the new year, the man is often found on the scene. In fact, he is reportedly the busiest man in Hollywood.


Ryan Seacrest has held many roles over the years. From his radio talk show, On Air with Ryan Seacrst, to American Idol host, positions both on and off screen and even a career in fashion has kept him busy. Along with his own fashion line he has ventured in the nonprofit front as well with his own charity foundation.


Not many can star in roles where the character they are taking on are in fact, themselves. However, Seacrest is an exception. His characters might be fictional at times, they can show some reality, much like the iconic scene from the movie Knocked UP where his character goes off on a spiel about how busy his life is compared to other celebrities around them. While a bit of a spoof, there is some truth found within the scene. He does in fact have many different jobs that take up his daily life.


More than a host, Seacrest has a long list of roles including playing himself in shows like Robot Chicken to shows as a host, such as Fear Factor and award shows.


How does such a busy man survive in Hollywood? In an interview, Seacrest explained some of his methods for keeping up with his busy life. Consolidation is one element of his daily schedule, with having different jobs within close range in order to cut down on time between jobs. He also has priorities, whether it’s what project gets focus or even whether he makes it to the gym. That, along with a level of impatience to help keep things moving along, there is rarely a dull moment for the TV/radio host. From sun up to sun down, with up to 10 jobs going at a given time, Ryan Seacrest is without a doubt one of the busiest figures in Hollywood.

Irish Activist Jim Larkin

James Larkin was known in History as a well known Folk Hero and social Activist. He was alive during the years of 1874 to 1947. Through out James life, he succeeded in every path he took. James Larkin was known for being an Activist for a Workers Union group. Another one of his passions was being the creator of an Irish Transport. Last, but not least, he was a Labor Organizer for his home Country. Ireland put Larkins name in the History books because of his passion as a successful Activist in his past life. After James passed on in life, he had Biographies published on different Historian Websites. His Legacy in the History books has been talked about on several TV Networks.


James Larkin was raised in the town of Liverpool, England. He was born in the year 1876 on January 21st. His work as a passionate Activist was known through out the Country of England. His successful Transport Business became the biggest in the Region of Liverpool. In the year 1914, James moved to the United States of America. He wanted to see a new world and experience different travels. After Larkin’s was deported back to Ireland, he continued his passion in organizing Labor Unions. In the last years of his life, he continued to pursue his love for helping others. James left this world on January 30th, 1947. His final resting place was in Dublin, Ireland. Larkin’s left a legacy behind with all his Activist work, passion towards others, and love for his home Country.

Larkin and Lacey Set Up Frontera Fund

In October of 2007 one of the most appalling arrests and violations of civil rights took place in Arizona when the Maricopa County Sherriff, Joe Arpaio and his special enforcement unit arrested Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. Larkin and Lacey previously worked for Village Voice Media and did a variety of stories on the recent activities of the sheriff, which drew a lot of criticism from the public.


Larkin and Lacey were arrested and thrown into separate vans and taken to different jails. While they were there they were constantly threatened about a recent article that they had written in the local newspaper. When they were arrested, Larkin and Lacey both stated that their rights were being violated and that they were only being arrested because of the story that they had written.


Ultimately, the story of Larkin and Lacey become national and the two were released in less than 24 hours and all charges were dropped. During the process, it was also determined that the sheriff and his team had tried to gain far more information about Larkin and Lacey than was allowed under law. The sheriff and his team were then highly criticized in the area and rest of the country.


Due to the appalling nature of the arrest, Larkin and Lacey pursued civil litigation against the sheriff and Maricopa County. To ensure that it did not continue to grow in national attention and to put the situations behind them, the county ended up settling with Larkin and Lacey for around $3.7 million, a sum that would allow the two to complete a variety of goals.


Once Larkin and Lacey received the funds from the settlement the two ended up deciding to start up a new fund, which is called the Frontera Fund. The fund was going to have a unique approach to investing and would also look for ways to benefit the Hispanic community.


Larkin and Lacey and their fund have donated a lot of money to different charities and causes that are looking to give a leg up to Hispanic people in Arizona. They have been particularly involved in recent political campaigns that have seen some candidates use ISIS fear mongering to drive further separation between races in Arizona. Larkin and Lacey have also donated directly to a variety of charities that help to encourage and improve education and quality of life in the Hispanic community.

Securus Technologies Drone Detection Pilot Declared a Success

Pilotless drones are seemingly everywhere these days. Will drones can be very useful for business and recreational purposes, criminals are finding ways to use them for unlawful reasons. Prison and jail officials across the country have reported in recent months that drones are being used to introduce contraband into their facilities. Criminals are now using drone technology to bring illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, cell phones, and money into prisons. Contraband is the biggest safety issue that corrections facilities face and ridding an facility of contraband remains the number one priority for officials.


Prison technology company Securus Technologies has been working on a solution to this problem for the past 18 months. They recently announced that they have completed an 18 month pilot program that tested a drone detection technology. The pilot program was a huge success and the company anticipates a bigger launch in the coming months. The technology uses Digital Antennae Structure, or DAS, to triangulate drone activity. While all the kinks are still being worked out, the company anticipates fast improvements to the technology.


Securus Technologies is based in the Dallas Carrolton, Texas and has 4 other locations in Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1986 by a former sheriff, Securus wholly owns over 20 subsidiaries that provide technology-based solutions for government over 3,500 government agencies in North America. The company provides phone, email, and education self-service to over 1.2 million inmates. They also provide electronic payment processing, parolee and inmate tracking, incident management, and a host of other services. They operate a 300-employee customer service center in Atlanta. Securus remains dedicated to making the world a safer and better place to live through technological solutions. The company was recently awarded three Stevie awards for its excellent customer service at the 2017 Stevie Awards held in Las Vegas in February of 2018.