On Top of Trends With PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay is an e-Money Institution which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The private company is licensed to issue debit, prepaid payment, and virtual cards. PSI-Pay is a Principal Issuing Member of Mastercard Worldwide, and is a leading provider of payment solutions to companies and individuals all over the world.


Headquartered in Horsham, West Sussex, PSI-Pay employs highly skilled professionals who work to sell, market, distribute, and manage their payment card programs. A Partner Sponsorship model ensures that cardholder funds are safeguarded while meeting scheme and regulatory requirements.

In a recent PSI Pay article, top trends impacting the 2018 payment industry were discussed. The payment sector of the financial service industry is labeled as the most turbulent, due to changing consumer demands, digital technology evolutions, and changes in competitive forces. Therefore, the company considers it vital to understand trends in order to continue to provide the best payment services. One trend is to enhance user’s digital commerce experience with apps and wallets, which not only makes business operate more smoothly, but increases the chances of turning users into customers. This use of software is creating a complex partner system, where banks are no longer the primary facilitators of payment services and products.

However, digital wallet adoption has shown slow progress. Most consumers are content to still use cash and cards. From personal experience, I think this is due to the uncertainty and complexity involved with using new technology. Consumers question app safety and ease of use. If cash and cards are effective and easy, why switch? Other trends gaining traction are the use of chatbots, which are able to execute basic transactions with the customer’s consent, the use of blockchain technology, and the use of virtual reality payment systems.

Overall, PSI Pay is always looking for ways to adopt new strategies to provide their customers with safe, personalized payment systems. As a consumer, I appreciate this effort. However, I would like for all payment companies to keep in mind that consumers are more willing to try new technology when it’s for entertainment, but less willing to take a chance when it involves their hard-earned cash.


Rick Shinto: the driving force behind the growth and success of InnovaCare Health

One of the leading healthcare companies in North America is the InnovaCare. The company deals with Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Programs together with the physician services. Since its creation, InnovaCare Health has maintained its dedication to providing excellent healthcare services. This has been possible through the creation of not only sustainable models but also models that are profitable and integrated with the modern advanced technology. The company is based in Puerto Rico and has around 200,000 registered members who are served by more than 7,000 workers.


The company is also in partnership with the government’s Medicaid Plans (GHP) in providing the residents of Puerto Rico with broad coverage plans via a blended care model. In Puerto Rico, the company is highly considered when it comes to medical coverage due to high-quality services offered and their affordability as compared to other medical cover providers. For the short period that the InnovaCare has been on the market, it has undergone several transformations that have led to the improvement of company’s performance. Structural changes and good leadership have improved the service provision in the company. The new technological systems installed by InnovaCare have made it easy for the clients to access faster and increased the number of customers that can be served at the facility at the same time.


Rick Shinto is among the few professionals who have played a major role in shaping the InnovaCare Health. He serves as both the President and CEO of the company. A medical graduate from the State University of New York, Rick Shinto also holds an MBA from the Redlands University. For over 20 years, Rick Shinto has served in different companies. At first, he worked as a pulmonologist in Southern California. Between 2008 and 2012, he served as the CEO and President at Aveta Inc. Dr. Shinto also worked with NAMM California and MedPartners.


Rick Shinto has written numerous articles in clinical medicine and healthcare. Since his appointment as the president and CEO, the company has undergone a noticeable growth and improvements. Dr. Shinto’s vast experience in leading teams and health sector has greatly helped him to steer the InnovaCare in the right direction. Through his innovative ideas and promotion for change in the delivery of services in health care has seen an increase in the company’s popularity in Puerto Rico. This has led to an increase in the number of Puerto Ricans receiving proper and affordable medical care under the InnovaCare Health plan.


Drew Madden Helps Found Evergreen Healthcare Partners

In an era where consumers are turning to companies like Amazon and CVS for their health care needs, Drew Madden still provides information technology. Madden, who served as the Nordic Consulting Partners president from 2011-2016, helped found Evergreen Healthcare Partners in July 2017.

Madden and his partners set up the kind of electronic health records that allows patients to store information on the cloud and communicate it with medical staff. Evergreen also provides a variety of collaborative tools intended to help doctors, nurses and other medical staff work together. Much of this health information has become available not only on computers but on tablets and smartphones. For instance, both doctors and patients can view stored blood sugar or heart rate records after recording measurements from a phone app.

It seems as if the healthcare industry is a competitive one, and Americans reportedly spend more per capita on health care than other countries with a life expectancy from 70-80 years. Concerning this, finding a way to make healthcare IT more personal is one way Madden and partners helps companies win over the health care consumer.

For companies like Amazon and CVS, the personability often comes with combining both convenience with the personal customer care they need. This coincides with the Evergreen motto, which states that “individuals matter and people make all the difference.” Evergreen reportedly strives to find the right opportunities for implementation of EHR platforms and specialized technology based on preferences, goals and skill sets.

Madden and the rest of the managing partners who run Evergreen Consulting group continue to offer solutions for both consumers and healthcare organizations. They promote themselves as a company that makes sure systems are set up to provide the highest quality care possible. The equipment, apps and hardware they implement also are installed with the goal of making healthcare IT run as efficiently as possible.

Betsy DeVos and her School Choice Movements

For those who have been following American education for the past thirty years, you know that there have been significant changes with each change in administration. However, with the latest change, many people were critical of the new pick of Betsy DeVos for US Education Secretary. Despite what many claim her to be, she has always been an education advocate and has worked hard to help students as American education systems continue to be compared negatively around the world.


One of the problems is standardized testing and Common Core Math. Betsy DeVos recently spoke about her not being a fan of these in an interview with “60 Minutes” and Leslie Stahl. While Stahl asked some poignant questions, he failed to really understand the point of educational choice. However, DeVos has never turned down an opportunity to speak about what she’s doing and for the most part, she has given a voice to parents and students who don’t want to be zoned and forced to go to a failing school.


Educational choice has been a campaign for DeVos for many years. She started at Calvin College, joining various political groups and even graduating to work with Jimmy Carter on his political run. Since then, she has been on her own campaign for education reform in Michigan. She even promoted a state law called “Kids First! Coalition” which supported educational choice. However, it was voted down by Michigan residents.


DeVos isn’t deterred by those who don’t see the value of educational choice. She believes that many don’t realize what it offers to students, which is her main focus. Educational choice means that students and parents have a choice in where they send their students to school. In states with a lot of options like Florida, you can send your student to virtual school, homeschooling, charter schools, private schools, and magnet programs at other schools. Some of these options still support the public school system, while others do support private education.


However, much of the support has come from philanthropy, despite what many say is public funding. DeVos has several donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton who support the educational choice programs, especially because it supports students being able to get the education that they want when there are so many public school systems that are not able to uphold a high quality of education.


DeVos believes that change is coming but this is something that we can all change currently. If students have to go to a different school than where they are zoned because the school hasn’t been effective in its standardized testing and scoring, then it should be allowed for the student to do so.


DeVos says that the programs will start being more successful when adopted by more states. Currently, her most successful programs are in Florida, where the state has fully embraced the educational choice option and provided the most options to their students.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.