Drew Madden Helps Found Evergreen Healthcare Partners

In an era where consumers are turning to companies like Amazon and CVS for their health care needs, Drew Madden still provides information technology. Madden, who served as the Nordic Consulting Partners president from 2011-2016, helped found Evergreen Healthcare Partners in July 2017.

Madden and his partners set up the kind of electronic health records that allows patients to store information on the cloud and communicate it with medical staff. Evergreen also provides a variety of collaborative tools intended to help doctors, nurses and other medical staff work together. Much of this health information has become available not only on computers but on tablets and smartphones. For instance, both doctors and patients can view stored blood sugar or heart rate records after recording measurements from a phone app.

It seems as if the healthcare industry is a competitive one, and Americans reportedly spend more per capita on health care than other countries with a life expectancy from 70-80 years. Concerning this, finding a way to make healthcare IT more personal is one way Madden and partners helps companies win over the health care consumer.

For companies like Amazon and CVS, the personability often comes with combining both convenience with the personal customer care they need. This coincides with the Evergreen motto, which states that “individuals matter and people make all the difference.” Evergreen reportedly strives to find the right opportunities for implementation of EHR platforms and specialized technology based on preferences, goals and skill sets.

Madden and the rest of the managing partners who run Evergreen Consulting group continue to offer solutions for both consumers and healthcare organizations. They promote themselves as a company that makes sure systems are set up to provide the highest quality care possible. The equipment, apps and hardware they implement also are installed with the goal of making healthcare IT run as efficiently as possible.

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