The RealReal Spruces Up The Consignment Business Model

The RealReal is a firm which has a website on which it exclusively sells luxury goods. It is led by its Founder and Chief Executive Officer Julie Wainwright who launched this company in San Francisco in 2011. She wanted to do a modern take on consignment with this company and her approach has been highly successful.

They now have 9 million members and counting at The RealReal. What they do is collect lightly used luxury goods. In 60 U.S. cities, they can send a driver over to the person who wants one of their belongings up for consignment. People outside of these cities can mail their belonging for free to The RealReal. Once this company has the product they meticulously inspect it to make sure it is the real luxury good and not a counterfeit. It is then assigned a price, some photographs are taken of it, and the product is put up for sale on the website.

The RealReal is a great way for high fashion shopper to clean out their closets. In order to attract these people, and the people who buy these luxury goods from her company, Julie Wainwright says that they do a few different forms of marketing. The send out direct mailings, keep their social media presence active, have targeted online ads, and host events. In addition to the website they also now have stores in both New York and Los Angeles and pop-ups in places like Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Julie Wainwright says that the physical stores and pop-ups serve two different purposes. They are used to sell products, of course, but they also are designed to lure in people who want to sell their luxury items on consignment. Selling things on consignment is the lifeblood of The RealReal so enticing consignors to a physical location helps their revenues by quite a bit.

They are designing more plans in order to expand their market and what they offer. The management team at The RealReal are looking to team up directly with luxury brands and their authorized retailers in order to increase its inventory of products for sale, for instance.

Infinity Group Australia receives top ranking for innovations

Infinity Group Australia is a company which was set up in 2013 by Graeme Holm with the aim of reaching out to Australian families with a solution to financial challenges that they face. Holm is an MPA Top 100 broker, and he created the company with the help of his partner Graeme holm. Together, they were passionate about finances and decided to use the knowledge they have about the industry to help Australians gain financial fitness. Infinity Group Australia is supporting the people to gain in wealth creation, securing financial future and reducing debts. All these are areas that many people would be interested in knowing how to approach them.




Infinity Group Australia helps the people by coming up with detailed reviews of the client’s financial status and then training the clients on some of the best money preservation strategies such as using cash only. People who have already had the benefit of working with this company can attest that the strategies that they recommend work and help their clients achieve the objectives.




Graeme Holm has been at the center of everything that this organization is all about. It was his idea, and he is doing everything possible to see that it succeeds. The team at Infinity helps clients develop a habit of surviving on weekly-budgets. The weekly budgets cover the main expenses such as food and gas. Graeme Holm adds that the company believes in buying everything with cash. If you cannot buy it in cash, then it is not necessary. There is a huge difference between a want and a need, and determining the difference between the two is one of the steps that will lead you in the right direction.




Instead of sitting on your mortgage and repaying for a period on 30 years, why not cut the frivolous spending and use the money to clear the loan which after all will earn you more money since you will end up paying less in terms of interest. Infinity Group Australia is all about mitigating the spending and paying the loan off quickly since if you do not do that, the bank will keep on calculating its interest and at the end of the whole thing, you might end up paying almost double the amount you borrowed. Infinity Group Australia reviews show that the strategies are working and people are getting the deserved results. The  company is securing the lives of Australian families one at a time. Learn more :


Matt Badiali: Mining Expert Helping Investors To Create Wealth

There is nothing better than making an investment decision based on expert analysis. When gambling is kept aside and a decision made based on the analysis of the primary data from a certain sector, such an investment is highly likely to succeed. Unfortunately, very few people can make decisions based on analysis of primary data. The most obvious reason is that people lack education and knowledge to do such analysis. So, as an investor, do you have to rely on secondary data forever? Maybe not.

If you are looking for investment opportunities in fields related to natural resources, then, you are a lucky investor because there is an expert who is ready to help you make the right decision. Matt Badiali is an investor who is ready to see investors benefit from investing in industries that deal with natural resources. As a professional in mining sector, he understands the dynamics of the industry, and he is using the knowledge acquired from this industry to help the people invest in this industry wisely.

Matt Badiali is a geologist. He has a master’s degree in geology from Florida State University. He also attended Penn State University for his undergraduate program in Earth Science. He was also pursuing his Ph.D. before a friend introduced investment idea to him. He gladly accepted to help the average American investors to create wealth by looking for opportunities and sharing that information with them.

Matt Badiali is also publishing the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter through which he is passing a lot more information to the investor. So far, he is known for bringing unique ideas to the public. Some of these ideas have been hidden from the public by the cartels in the financial sector.

Matt Badiali this year came up with the idea of Freedom Checks, a unique investment idea which has never been implemented before. This new idea offers a chance to earn from companies that deal with processing, storage, and transportation of natural resources. These companies enjoy tax relief from the government hence they can turn most of their profits into to investors. In fact, investor stake 90 percent of the profits.

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