Neurocore is raising awareness on brain functioning

The human brain is the controller of all the body functions. It carries out the most significant work of coordinating body functions. The brain supports everything that goes around our bodies. From emotions, behaviors, and thoughts the brains at the center of all these activities. The brain is made up of microscopic neurons which regulate electrical activity around our brains. It is the neurons that make it possible for us to think, feel and think in the right manner. Even our understanding of how the brain works have been made possible by the brain itself. The understanding of the way our brains work has come a long way for us to understand it in the manner we do. However, there is a lot that needs to be done to understand its capability completely.

Some of the developments which have given scientists a better understanding of the brain include neurofeedback, brain mapping, and EEG technology. All these have given scientists an exciting approach to the nature of operations. Scientists are also able to come up with some solutions on things that need to be done for the brain to work optimally. The performance of the brain can be boosted through some of these operations.

One of the companies which have done great work on matters of brain research is called Neurocore. They have been using the innovations made so far to improve mental acuity as well as treat some mental disorders such as ASD and depression. Neurotherapeutic developments have been around for many years but only recently have they been released to the public.

The history of neuroscience goes back to the 18-th century. Two Italian scientists started researching about the brain. Over the years, the research has been doing on well- steadily new revelations keep on being made.

Neurofeedback is a method that is used to teach the brain how to self-regulate. The study is done by looking at the measurements of the brain waves. It is like a reverse system which teaches the brain how to carry out operations. When we want the brain to function in a particular way, this is the operation to be done.


Krishen Iyer Is The Owner And Founder of Managed Benefit Services.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Krishen Iyer is the CEO of Managed Benefit Services. MNP Insurance, which is known as Name my Premium had phenomenal growth. In 2015, MNP was part of the Inc. 5000 list. His Carlsbad, California company was not his first venture concerning the insurance industry milieu. His latest venture, Managed Benefit Services has been successful as well.


Iyer attended San Diego State University and was awarded his degree in Public Administration in 2004. Krishen Iyer started his career in the insurance milieu not long he graduated from university. Krishen was able to create Iyer Real Estate Holdings, which was a real estate company.


Recently, Iyer commented in on his top marketing tips for entrepreneurs. Iyer’s insights on marketing tips were noted in the article that entrepreneurs need to learn about the best posting times for many social media platforms when individuals are most active.


Krishen Iyer also was noted as saying that a marketing campaign takes some time to plan as well as map out. Iyer is a someone who works hard. He also remarks about marketing campaigns that end up cutting corners will end up losing money. Krishen was also quoted as saying that it is essential to have a clear purpose, defined short and long-term goals, a plan to adjust things accordingly concerning things that work and doesnโ€™t work. Finally, it is essential to create content that pertains to the audience.


Iyer noted that Facebook is the better platform for targeting older professionals. If you are looking to target millennials and younger individuals, it’s best to use Twitter or Instagram.


Regarding philanthropy, Iyer engages in a plethora of philanthropic projects in the community. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the charities that Iyer has been involved in. Iyer has also contributed to Haiti’s recovery efforts due to the earthquake that had devastated that country.