Bruno Fagali – An Experienced Administrative Law Attorney

If you are trying to find a competent lawyer in Brazil, for personal or business matter, it is advisable to choose the best lawyer you can afford.

Choosing the right attorney or law firm for your situation should not be a daunting task.

Bruno Fagali has the knowledge and experience to provide quality advice and outstanding representation in any issues involving administrative law, urban law or regulatory law. Bruno Fagali has rendered top-notch legal solutions to countless people, businesses and organizations in Brazil, and can help you.

Before hiring a lawyer, it is extremely important to check their reputation, experience and legal fees.

Keep in mind, the attorney you’re considering may charge a fee for consultation. Therefore, be certain you inquire about the initial consultation and the charges so as to decide whether you want to schedule it or not. There are many lawyers that do not charge potential clients for the initial consultation.

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How your lawyer bills depends on the issue you are dealing with, as well as the attorney’s personal preference. Some lawyers charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee.

Whether it’s about enforcement actions in state or federal state court, a competent administrative lawyer can represent you effectively.

Bruno Fagali is a knowledgeable and experienced Brazilian Attorney. Bruno Fagali has great expertise in representing clients in administrative and regulatory matters. Bruno Fagali has thorough knowledge of the administrative law process, and can advise and guide you properly in resolving your legal matters.

Bruno Fagali runs a popular law office in Brazil, Fagali Advocacy, and the capabilities of his legal team and associates, are highly effective. Bruno Fagali’s admirable personality and his caring attitude are some of the qualities and characteristics that have made him a top choice among attorneys in Brazil.

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Karl Heideck And The Wells Fargo Law Suit In Philadelphia

There’s no doubt that the laws surrounding the banking industry are staggeringly complex. Unwinding these laws can take many years and the energy of many well-educated legal minds. One of the legal experts who has dedicated his time to helping people understand some of the pressing legal issues of the day is Karl Heideck.

Making the Case For Philadelphia

In a recent issue of, Heideck laid out the fine points of the recent suit the city of Philadelphia has laid out against Wells Fargo Bank. Though this suit may be hard to understand for a lay person, Heideck lays out the case in a way most people can understand.

Though Wells Fargo has called the suit unsubstantiated, Karl Heideck makes a convincing case for the city of Philadelphia, which believes that the bank targeted minority borrowers and lead them to take out risky loans they should have been disqualified for. All of this lead to a high number of foreclosures in Philadelphia’s minority neighborhoods, and an even greater problem of blight in those areas.

Karl Heideck is a contract attorney. He has been part of Hire Counsel since April of 2015. Before that, he was active in practice in the greater Philadelphia area for over ten years. He was a legal associate for Conrad O’Brien, and also worked as a project attorney for Pepper Hamiton LLP prior to that.

Mr. Heideck holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Swarthmore College (Class of 2003). and he also earned Juris Doctor degree from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law with a Juris Doctor in 2009.

In his practice, Mr. Heideck offers a range of services, from compliance consulting to advising on risk management. He also represents clients in a range of areas, from product liability to corporate law and employment issues.

For Karl Heideck, serving the law and the needs of his clients is what it’s all about.