The 5 Most Revolutionary Ways to Renovate Your Bedroom  

Tired of looking at the same flower wallpaper when you go to bed? Is the bedroom carpet as old as Colosseum? Time to do something about your boring sleeping room! And don’t be afraid to make some daring decisions about it either! You don’t just sleep in it! You also snuggle with the dog, share some private thoughts with the spouse, enjoy some quality time with the kiddos, and make dreams! Do you want to dream so more? Here are the 5 most revolutionary ways to renovate your bedroom.

Wall decoration ideas

How about a wall panel wainscoting? It doesn’t necessarily have to cover the entire wall. It can just occupy 1/3 of it. The remaining wall over the chair rail can be painted in any color you want to look at when you are ready to fall asleep. White, light gray, and beige shades are the most popular colors for bedroom walls. Too boring? You can always choose another color and keep the wainscoting in white. But don’t forget that soft colors offer the peace and tranquility you seek just seconds before you start dreaming.

What will make your bedroom walls even more interesting is some artwork. That’s on you! It depends on what you like and what will inspire you to sleep well at night. But don’t make the walls too busy. They too will clutter the room. And that’s not what you want in the bedroom. 

Ditch the bedroom carpet

No doubt! Carpets feel smooth and fluffy under your feet but they are not easily cleaned. Eventually, they will be the perfect nest for all kinds of bacteria. And that’s the last thing you want in a room, which is supposed to have the best air quality in the house. Invest in hardwood. The dark color of eucalyptus will come in perfect contrast to your white wainscoting. Avoid tiles! They are too cold for bedrooms. If you like the loft floor style, you can install concrete flooring. It is very resistant and unique!

Don’t overlook the bedroom ceiling

The first thing you see when you are lying down is the ceiling. So how about adding a touch of glamor to the old fashioned flat fifth wall? Ceiling textures can vary to the extent that you won’t know which one to choose. Coffered ceilings are very popular. If the ceiling is high, you can take advantage of that by turning it into a vaulted ceiling, where you can also hang the most amazing pendant lighting! Just not over your head – you want to transform the bedroom, not create potential safety hazards. All the same, you must give gravity to the lighting you will choose for the bedroom, especially if you read in bed.

Move up a level

Is your bedroom small and inconvenient? Do you want to adopt even more revolutionary bedroom decorating ideas? Move up a level. Transform the attic into a bedroom! If the room is available and livable, you can fix it from scratch. You can still install bead boards on the wall and replace the windows. It will be a very drastic move and cost more but it will be inspirational.

Refresh the furniture

Don’t toss antiques! They add glamor to any room! All you can do is move them around trying to find the best place for them where their style will make an impression without keeping you from walking through. That’s very important with bedroom furniture. You don’t want to make the room too busy for both functional and health related reasons. You will breathe better with fewer things in the room. And you certainly need adequate space to move around without hurting your knees every other step. Speaking of items in the bedroom, don’t forget to change the window coverings too. Whether you want blinds or curtains, get a color to match the wall and linens to give some balance to the room and let elegance dominate!