Irish Activist Jim Larkin

James Larkin was known in History as a well known Folk Hero and social Activist. He was alive during the years of 1874 to 1947. Through out James life, he succeeded in every path he took. James Larkin was known for being an Activist for a Workers Union group. Another one of his passions was being the creator of an Irish Transport. Last, but not least, he was a Labor Organizer for his home Country. Ireland put Larkins name in the History books because of his passion as a successful Activist in his past life. After James passed on in life, he had Biographies published on different Historian Websites. His Legacy in the History books has been talked about on several TV Networks.


James Larkin was raised in the town of Liverpool, England. He was born in the year 1876 on January 21st. His work as a passionate Activist was known through out the Country of England. His successful Transport Business became the biggest in the Region of Liverpool. In the year 1914, James moved to the United States of America. He wanted to see a new world and experience different travels. After Larkin’s was deported back to Ireland, he continued his passion in organizing Labor Unions. In the last years of his life, he continued to pursue his love for helping others. James left this world on January 30th, 1947. His final resting place was in Dublin, Ireland. Larkin’s left a legacy behind with all his Activist work, passion towards others, and love for his home Country.