Securus Technologies Drone Detection Pilot Declared a Success

Pilotless drones are seemingly everywhere these days. Will drones can be very useful for business and recreational purposes, criminals are finding ways to use them for unlawful reasons. Prison and jail officials across the country have reported in recent months that drones are being used to introduce contraband into their facilities. Criminals are now using drone technology to bring illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, cell phones, and money into prisons. Contraband is the biggest safety issue that corrections facilities face and ridding an facility of contraband remains the number one priority for officials.


Prison technology company Securus Technologies has been working on a solution to this problem for the past 18 months. They recently announced that they have completed an 18 month pilot program that tested a drone detection technology. The pilot program was a huge success and the company anticipates a bigger launch in the coming months. The technology uses Digital Antennae Structure, or DAS, to triangulate drone activity. While all the kinks are still being worked out, the company anticipates fast improvements to the technology.


Securus Technologies is based in the Dallas Carrolton, Texas and has 4 other locations in Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1986 by a former sheriff, Securus wholly owns over 20 subsidiaries that provide technology-based solutions for government over 3,500 government agencies in North America. The company provides phone, email, and education self-service to over 1.2 million inmates. They also provide electronic payment processing, parolee and inmate tracking, incident management, and a host of other services. They operate a 300-employee customer service center in Atlanta. Securus remains dedicated to making the world a safer and better place to live through technological solutions. The company was recently awarded three Stevie awards for its excellent customer service at the 2017 Stevie Awards held in Las Vegas in February of 2018.


Securus Technologies Understands Customer Requirements

I know that most of the companies make products and services and sell them to customers. But I also know that Securus Technologies understands customer requirements first before doing that. It is a company that makes things keeping the customer needs in mind. This is why Securus Technologies is a leader in providing civil and criminal safety solutions to the jail and prison authorities.


Now they are focused on ensuring that tablet, as well as smart device penetration, reaches 100% of the facilities. This is because they want that all the inmates get access to these services. Technology has made great advances. There is no reason why the prison inmates do not get access to it.


Securus Technologies would like increased use of all these products for communication by the jail inmates. This will be possible only when Securus Technologies understands what the inmates really need, and then providing these accordingly.


This company is also looking at providing improved educational opportunities for all the jail inmates. This is important as they need to know that what they are doing is not good. They have to stop bad practices and become a useful part of the world once again. This can be achieved only through education. Only then it would be possible for the inmates to know what is wrong and what is right. This will also help to enhance the security of prisons as well as the society, as a whole.


This company would like to improve the job prospect opportunities for the jail inmates. They are well aware that many times people reach behind bars as they do not have a job. They need money to survive and hence get into illegal activities. This is why getting them a good job is very important as otherwise, they would get into such activities once again.


About Securus Technologies and Comments by Customers

Securus Technologies is a Dallas company serving public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986. Apart from their head office in Dallas, Securus has offices in Carrollton, Allen, Texas, Atlanta, and Georgia. Securus Technologies was established to assist public service agencies in monitoring services for business owners. Their advanced technologies are meant at improving communication between approximately 1,200,000 inmates across North America with their families. Securus Technologies provides real-time support to their customers and ensuring that both parties get access to critical information. Securus Technologies has invested in technologies to help reach all the citizens and correction facilities in North America.

Securus technologies have introduced a customer comments forum where clients can give their feedback on the services offered by Securus. Customers can also recommend for changes in areas they aren’t satisfied with. Prison and jail officials also give their comments through letters and emails. Below are some of the comments from law enforcement individuals:

  • Respondents were happy that through call monitoring, corrupt staff members were detected and necessary action taken. Drug and alcohol use, use of cellular devices, and threats were also detected. Through the service, a civilian was caught admitting to selling prescription drugs to inmates.
  • Most were impressed by the Securus vision of assessing and developing new technologies to support correctional facilities. Through the leadership of Rick Smith, the company comes up with a new technology every week.
  • Their tools such as investigative tools and reporting data have helped the agencies enhance their proactive measures. They also allow the officers to conduct investigations on harassment easily.

Their services have received complimentary results from all the customers. The company has become a bridge between inmates and their families. The law enforcement facilities are very fortunate to have Securus Technologies at their finger tips.