Rocketship Education- Closing the Education Gap

In Tennessee, the academic results are out, and most schools know how their students performed apart Davidson County where the elementary school needs to wait another one long year to know the performances of their students. It means the elementary school will grade their students according to their proficiency, unlike others based on academic achievement.

The Nashville public schools have introduced another assessment ways of tracking students’ progress known as NWEA-Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). It shows individual growth during the academic year. Proficiency scores also tell of the student grade level but only on specific time of academic year. Growth scores also known as value-added scores shows the student the acquired knowledge within a period regardless of their starting point. More than 7400 public schools participate in MAP assessment throughout the world.

Rocketship Public Schools have adopted the MAP assessment since they started their first school since they believe growth is essential to all students and especially to those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The school has tried to close the gap and give a fair playing field regardless of the economic environment.

The student on the national standardized test and achieve 10th percentile needs the addition of 1.3 percent growth each other year from elementary school to high school to reach college. Achievement of gap-closing growth needs a commitment from teachers and students which require frequent monitoring of student using benchmark assessment tool like a MAP. The parents need to pay attention to their children MAP growth scores. It helps them to learn their weaknesses and their most potent points and become their advocate

Rocketship serves low-income communities, and it’s a public elementary charter of national non-profit network schools. The schools were founded in 2006 with a mission to eliminate education achievement gap. It uses the scalable building and sustainable school models to propel their students achieve the higher growth with the core of teacher-led and technology instructional model supported by personalized learning approach. The approach matches the student with the right learning content according to their education level hence bringing out the student ability to succeed.