Orange Coast College – article recap

May of 2017 was an exciting time for the prestigious rowing team of Orange Coast College. They had been practicing almost daily since August for the upcoming rowing competition. Set to compete against four worthy larger universities, spirits of the OCC rowing team remained high. This team has already won this competitive and national title race a total of 11 times over their 60 year proud history. This is a feat that deserves attention, as Orange Coast College is a community college of smaller proportions than most other competitors. Small or not, OCC was ready for the challenge. This college has seen 10 of their better rowing team students go to world rowing championship events and even to the coveted Olympic Games.


The faculty of Orange Coast College all give something special to this college. Students are able to fulfill their dreams of a wonderful education in an intimate college campus that feels like home. The classes are each unique, and students are daily challenged to think outside the box. They have a stunning amount of outstanding career or vocation classes that prepare them for jobs and careers that they have long been dreaming about. The comfortable campus surroundings are conducive to the lessons taught by the instructors here. Learn more:


Orange Coast College uses a holistic approach in their education programs. This was the vision of the school’s passionate founders decades ago. Today, this whole person educational system is seen as a modern idea. The results are proof enough that the process works. Most students do end up furthering their education at other fine universities around the country. These students then get jobs in the fields that they studied. The students enjoy a laid back atmosphere, and a nurturing environment. This Costa Mesa college has always given back to the community. Learn more:


The college has undergone some recent renovations. A stellar new science and lab facility now allows students an innovative learning experience. Orange Coast College plans to be around to teach new generations of students. In the years to come, it will be interesting to see how this college stays current.