Ryan Seacrest: The Busiest Man in Hollywood

When it comes to the people of Hollywood, it’s almost impossible to not reference Ryan Seacrest. Whether it’s radio, movies, tv shows or even ringing in the new year, the man is often found on the scene. In fact, he is reportedly the busiest man in Hollywood.


Ryan Seacrest has held many roles over the years. From his radio talk show, On Air with Ryan Seacrst, to American Idol host, positions both on and off screen and even a career in fashion has kept him busy. Along with his own fashion line he has ventured in the nonprofit front as well with his own charity foundation.


Not many can star in roles where the character they are taking on are in fact, themselves. However, Seacrest is an exception. His characters might be fictional at times, they can show some reality, much like the iconic scene from the movie Knocked UP where his character goes off on a spiel about how busy his life is compared to other celebrities around them. While a bit of a spoof, there is some truth found within the scene. He does in fact have many different jobs that take up his daily life.


More than a host, Seacrest has a long list of roles including playing himself in shows like Robot Chicken to shows as a host, such as Fear Factor and award shows.


How does such a busy man survive in Hollywood? In an interview, Seacrest explained some of his methods for keeping up with his busy life. Consolidation is one element of his daily schedule, with having different jobs within close range in order to cut down on time between jobs. He also has priorities, whether it’s what project gets focus or even whether he makes it to the gym. That, along with a level of impatience to help keep things moving along, there is rarely a dull moment for the TV/radio host. From sun up to sun down, with up to 10 jobs going at a given time, Ryan Seacrest is without a doubt one of the busiest figures in Hollywood.